OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am originally from New Zealand and have been a Chef for ten (long) years now. This profession has allowed me countless opportunities for travel and connection. Cambodia marks the 40th country that I have been lucky enough to travel to and with each country I learn and grow. I have a huge range of hobbies, mostly expensive ones, which include scuba diving, photography and snowboarding but food and travel are my true passions.

Whether it’s eating in Michellin Star Restaurants in Italy or sampling Papaya Salad from a street vendor in Thailand, when I’m enjoying a new experience I am truly content. I started cooking at a young age and loved experimenting, mostly unsuccessfully with recipe books. I always tell my Mum that if there was a fire in my house and everyone was safe, the thing I would miss the most would be my cook books. I’m always so sad to part with new ones when I’m traveling. I love the food porn contained within!!

Please feel free to like, comment or contact me with any questions, advice or just to say hi.

Thank-you for showing interest in my blog. I hope there was something here that entertained you in some way. See you again soon!


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