Seafood Market in Ha Long Bay

Click on the link below to watch a video I took at the market today:


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Tourist Trap.

_TNA6202People live onboard the fishing boats and makeshift houses on the bay amongst a tonne of raw sewage, plastic and garbage. The water is literally black like oil and smells worse than anything you can imagine.


The black tar coloured water coming out of this drain goes directly from the town, under the market and out into the ocean. It is one of hundreds. There is also a huge garbage tip located right on the coast a few metres down from this. I honestly do not know how they can not make the connection here between the pollution, over fishing  and the lack of Cetaceans and big fish. I’m staying well clear away from any seafood on this trip and will never look at imported prawns the same way again.


I have always seen these little spiral snail shells on the beach in NZ but never with anything living inside them. I would definitely not have thought to eat one if I found it. Until now!


_TNA6286Here’s a similar review from Tripadvisor:


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