Cracking up over crabs



Photography lets you see the light in people. Something that I have always struggled with is being too quick to judge. I am really trying to change that and I think my camera has become my vessel on that path. When you look through the lens you see the beauty in everything, especially in the details.

Last week I took a one-on-one tutorial with Dutch Photographer Michael Klinkhamer and had a fantastic afternoon! It was a bit miserable outside (being the tale end of the rainy season and all) but I was mostly interested in mastering the functions on my Nikon D800 so it worked out perfectly! I also got to learn loads about the photography industry in Europe.



After a couple of hours working our way through the different settings and functions most suitable to the type of photography I enjoy we ventured out into the rain. The FCC building is interesting enough on its own as it was the meeting place for all the reporters during the war. The walls are covered in photographs from Al Rockoff who was portrayed in the movie ‘The Killing Fields’ by John Malkovich. Strangely, Al Rockoff actually still hangs at the FCC thirty years later and was there that day. Michael borrowed my camera and snapped off a couple of portraits on him.


When I’m working on yachts my absolute favourite part of the job is going shopping in the local markets when we are in Port. When I’m traveling all on my lonesome it’s no different! So after watching the protesting monks for a bit we headed off through the maze and craziness that is the markets in Phnom Penh. Seeing how real people eat, live and love in their own environment is what makes traveling the most interesting for me. Touristy areas are popular for a reason but I try to avoid them as much as possible wherever I am.


If you’re in Phnom Penh spend some time in the markets. The Russian and Central Market are both good first stops and you can find some delicious, cheap eats here. I highly recommend starting your trip with a photography tuturial to get the best possible photos of your holiday. Michael has the best deal in town at $35/person for a four hour group session or $65 for a one-on-one tutorial.



2 responses to “Cracking up over crabs

  1. These pics are amazing Tina, not just the ones by your teacher. I love the first one of the lady and child with the crabs too. Lovely sentiment at the beginning too. I think I am too quick to judge too, what a nice way to try and overcome this.

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